Christian Newton

Chief of Naval Operations – department of naval affairs


Completed Training: N/A

Resident in: CAPE HATTERAS, NC




Hello, my fellow Cascadians!

I’m Christian. Since I was a young child, I was always interested in learning about cultures, languages, politics, history, and new ways of life. I always knew that when I grew up, I wanted to be apart of something bigger than myself, and help those in need. At 17 years old, after graduating high school one year early, I enlisted into the United States Army, serving in the Pennsylvania National Guard as a Combat Medic Specialist. I grew up in a military family, so joining the military wasn’t a huge shock to me.

For years, I had an interest in the Cascadia movement, and in 2019, I became an official Cascadian Passport holder. I quickly realized that I simply didn’t want to be a bystander; I wanted to serve Cascadia in a similar way that I serve the United States. Thus, the Cascadian Navy was born. Having the skills required to lead this project, I knew that I could create something not just to better Cascadia, but to better our world as a whole.


Cascadia to me is more that just a sovereignty movement. Although not being born in the Bioregion, I feel that Cascadian citizens all have something in common, a shared belief. When I think Cascadia, I feel a shared sense of pride, patriotism, and nationalism. Through my profession, I am able to help those in need everyday, but why should I limit myself to one office or one clinic, when I could share my knowledge and put my leadership skills to good use? Through the Naval Department, I pledge to work nonstop to ensure that our Cascadian Mariners and Merchants are able to effectively serve, protect, and provide for those in need, and the environment in which we all share. A statement that I truly feel best describes my work with Cascadia is “Be the change you wish to see in the world”!

My project Updates: