Alex DeVeiteo

Your Chinook Wawa Word of the Day: Hyas

HYAS [hy-AS’]  or [hay-ASH]— adjective, adverb. Meaning: Big, great, vast, large, auspicious, powerful, important, celebrated, very. Origin: Possible corruption of Nuu-chah-nulth, iyahish  “many” While similar in use to the word skookum, hyas generally has connotations of greatness, importance, or auspiciousness rather than outright strength or power. “Hyas Sunday” was a…...

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Your Chinook Wawa Word of the Day: Snass

SNASS [snas] or [snaws] — noun. Meaning: Rain. Origin: Chinook Jargon; From unknown origin, likely a manufactured onomatopoeia. A highly expressive word for rain, “snass” is said to have rhymed with “moss”, and is the foundation for many Chinook Wawa words and expression regarding meteorological activity. One can inform another that…...

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