Cascadia Stickers for Everyone!

Stickers! for everyone! The #CS4E campain simply provides hundreds of stickers at cost for anyone who wants, to get thousands up all around the Cascadia region.

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Stickers Ship Every Saturday!

Orders over 100 are on pre-order, and will be here within two weeks.

About the Stickers for Everyone Campaign

For everyone who loves the idea of Cascadia, and would like a stack of stickers for friends, families, and to plaster on everything and everywhere, we’re starting a brand new Cascadia Stickers for Everyone campaign:

The idea is simple

  • As many 3×5″ Cascadia Flag Stickers as you can buy

  • Stickers are Vinyl, just the flag (no markings or promo stuffs).

  • Great opportunity for individuals, groups, businesses, projects and events. Stock up, give them out.

Use them for whatever you like! Give them to friends, use them as promotional items, sell them to raise money for your cause, get up around the community and into local cafes and bookstores – the choice your is yours!

With this campaign, our goal is to get 100,000 Cascadia stickers directly out into the community, for everyone who wants them by November 2020. 

Why Cascadia Stickers?

The idea was spawned because we originally had several thousand. We’ve been giving them out – at events, in person, and with every order or letter we send out. We’re finally run out, and rather than just re-order, we realized it might be a wonderful opportunity to let anyone who would like to get in on the order. 

In addition, what a great way to get them out there! With their order, we hope that each person will help us become an agent of change, helping to raise awareness and make the idea visible.

What does the Doug Flag stand for?

The Cascadia Doug flag is a symbol for the natural beauty and inspiration that the Pacific Northwest provides, and is a direct representation of the bioregion.

Designed in 1994 by Portland native Alexander Baretich, the blue of the flag represents the moisture-rich sky above, and the Pacific Ocean, along with the Salish Sea, lakes, and inland waters. Our home is a place of continuous cascading waters flowing from the Pacific to the western slopes of the Rockies and Cascades where water cycles back to the Pacific. The white represents snow and clouds, and the green represents the evergreen forests and fields of the Pacific Northwest. The lone-standing Douglas Fir symbolizes endurance, defiance, and resilience. All these symbols come together to symbolize what being Cascadian is all about.

While the Doug flag is the most common symbol for Cascadia, it is one of many, each representing watersheds or unique aspects of the Pacific Northwest.

Not one flag, but thousands!