We work watershed by watershed to protect our planet and its inhabitants.

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Projects are activities that promote bioregionalism or empower organizers and communities that sponsored by our 501(c)3 umbrella.

Departments of Bioregion are place based hubs that educate about bioregionalism, create resources, and build bioregional movements.

Be an ambassador of your watershed and movement. Below you will find tools and resources to help every person get active for what they care about.


A World of Bioregional Movements

We grow the Cascadia movement. The Cascadia Department of Bioregion is  a 501(c)3 program building a network of place based hubs throughout the Cascadia bioregion. It is our goal to develop watershed and bioregional based frameworks that can provide a viable and positive alternatives to existing power structures. To accomplish these goals, we believe in bioregionalism, a grassroots approach to ecology that uses natural boundaries to reinforce sustainability, community self-determination and regional self-reliance.

We build place based watershed hubs that grow greater understanding of bioregions, promote place appropriate technology and policy, provide direct funding for community projects, and support the creation of movements to determine the carrying capacities and regenerative frameworks for each watershed and bioregion we live in. We believe the people living in a place are the best suited to take the lead on issues affecting their area.

Regardless of where you are from, we want reconnect people into place in a healthy and sustainable manner, stand in solidarity to address past wrongs, and work to better protect all inhabitants living here.

This is Cascadia and we are Cascadian. We hope you join us.

History of the Doug Flag

This flag was conceived in 1993 when Alexander Baretich was sitting on a hill in Eastern Europe homesick for the conifer trees he grew up with.  Earlier digital imagines of the flag…

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Cascadia Day is Tomorrow, Monday May 18th! Come Celebrate

Tomorrow, Monday May 18th is Cascadia Day! While we won't be celebrating in person, we'd love to invite you to make a post, share a favorite picture, and together let's…

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Join a Cascadia Work Group

We are excited to announce that we are creating several work groups from our Envision Cascadia Conference, and would love to invite you to join us. We had more than…

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#Cascadia trending after #WestCoastPact announced by governors

After Washington, Oregon, and California governors announced the launch of a Western States Pact in the face of a federal government unwilling to act on COVID-19 relief, #Cascadia , #Calexit…

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Your Chinook Word of the Day

Chinook Jargon (also known as Chinuk Wawa, or Chinook Wawa) was the true lingua francais of the Cascadia bioregion for several hundred years. At its height, it had more than 100,000 speakers in the late 19th century, before becoming almost extinct in the 20th century. It is now a language being revived. Learn more here, and read the full Chinook Wawa Dictionary here.