#Cascadia trending after #WestCoastPact announced by governors

After Washington, Oregon, and California governors announced the launch of a Western States Pact in the face of a federal government unwilling to act on COVID-19 relief, #Cascadia , #Calexit and #Secession quickly began trending on twitter and other social media platforms....

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Bioregionalism & Football: Welcome to Cascadia – New article by @MagazineCaviar & @FCGeopolitics

Inspired by a FC Geopolitic Twitter thread documenting the Cascadia Football Team and their first appearance at the CONIFA World Cup in London in 2018, online sports magazine Caviar released a wonderful article on Sports and Bioregionalism....

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On Bioregional Boundaries – David McCloskey

Originally published by Planet Drums Raise the Stakes, the following article is from Cascadia Institute director David McCloskey on what makes bioregional boundaries....

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