1. Achieve greater independence for Oregon, Washington and British Columbia from the federal government in a peaceful and democratic manner, through the consent of the people.

2. Establish an accountable and democratic partnership between communities within Cascadia to foster greater direct democracy among the peoples of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

3. Give counties and communities a greater say in their own affairs as well as those of state and federal. A government that is BY, OF, and FOR the people and not by corporate interests and a wealthy few. A responsible government that’s objectives are to equally represent the people and their interests and security.

4. Work within the communities of the Pacific Northwest to create a just and sustainable society in all issues and facets of life in our respective states.

5. Push for greater personal freedom, civil liberties, and rights for all peoples of Cascadia.

6. To build cultural awareness of the Cascadian Bioregion within mainstream thought.

7. The creation of an advisory body built around bioregional economic, environmental and cultural ties shared by Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. This organization would include members of government, NGO’s, officials, businesses and labor to examine, research and issue policy advice on creating furthe integration and independence within the Cascadian bioregion.

8. Safeguard and conserve the environment of the Pacific Northwest. To find a sustainable way to ensure our ecosystem remains strong and robust to preserve it for future generations to come.

9. Invest in businesses, universities, research institutions and technologies that will harness alternative energy resources.

10. Have more control over our economy as opposed to those who now control it and regulate it in Washington, D.C. To support bioregional economic integration, local businesses and families by supporting a local market economy that can benefit everybody without exploitation or unbridled greed.

11. Create a system of free education and healthcare to those in need while lowering taxes due to surplus from not supporting a burgeoning bureaucratic federal government and expansive military construct.

12. Encourage and maintain the Pacific Northwest’s unique heritage and cultural background through the establishment of Cascadian television and radio stations run by and for citizens of Cascadia. Also, the continuing support for cultural revival programs that that assist indigenous tribes, independent artists, musicians and poets.

13. Establish a bureau for humanitarian aid & assistance that would act as a special force dedicated to international peacekeeping missions and disaster relief.