Change Lab: Bioregionalism

The Cascadia Department of Bioregion embraces a philosophy called Bioregionalism. Bioregionalism at its most simple is a philosophy that connects people and ideas into place, which work watershed by watershed, in ways that are sustainable, democratic and just. Bioregionalists work to find solutions to the worlds most challenging issues by using bioregions to break large issues down to a local level, creating or magnifying solutions already being practiced in a community, and create accessible pathways for every person living in a region to be able to get active about issues they care about. Each watershed and community will be different, and each region and community will know their needs the best, and be the best to represent those needs. We believe that bioregionalism is one of the most important, least known philosophies of the 21st century, and has the power to help organizers, planners and visionaries, regardless of their cause, background, or political view. Below you will find a unifying set of core principles of bioregionalism.

Here you will find essays, case studies and examples of bioregionalism in practice.


Recent Essays: