Camp Cascadia

At the North River Reserve

 A wonderful blend of nature’s serenity and creative whimsy, our secluded and expansive 93 acres in the Willapa Hills of southwest Washington is the perfect place to explore the country, enjoy pristine air and relax by the burbling headwaters of the North River. Car enjoy drive up convenience with views over this former ranch land, now being regrown with native plants and an eye for sustainable stewardship. The more adventurous can follow creeks across the property on foot to enjoy the serenity of this special place.

The Vibe

relax – unplug – connect

In our inaugural camping season at the North River Reserve, infrastructure is light, but beauty abundant. The site has no cellular or wifi access, giving it an unplugged pace. With the headlands of the North River on the property, many streams bisect the land creating a burbling backdrop to walks or relaxation on their banks. Scheduled activities lead by our Camp Host Trevor include a daily nature walk with a focus on native plants, while occasional volunteer work parties to remove invasive species are available to those interested. Evenings, a gathering around the community firepit is held where stories and music are shared. Lights out happens when the sun goes down, as with some of the lowest light pollution levels of anywhere in the state, we enjoy some of the best cosmic shows around.

milky way cosmo.jpgmilky way cosmo.jpg


Living on and with the land

  • Tent space in mowed grass fields or among stands of trees.

  • Composting toilets.

  • Bathe in a river or stream. Please use only biodegradable soap.

  • A communal kitchen offers a dish washing station, electric kettle, sandwich press and gas burners.

  • Without trash collection on site, we practice leave no trace/pack it in, pack it out practices. We do practice composting, and you’re welcome to contribute your food waste to our compost pile.


Equidistant from Seattle & Portland

Around two and a half hours drive from both Seattle and Portland, Camp Cascadia is conveniently located to a few hours drive from many our bioregion’s population, and we’d love to see you here!

Arriving at the property is quite simple. After turning off of Brooklyn Road, the mile long driveway through the property is the only road. Follow it to the end, and you’ll be at the parking area ready for check-in. 

We do not recommend taking the unimproved dirt road from Oakville. Routes approaching from the west avoid the sometimes treacherous logging roads to the east. We recommend the following routes for your safety and especially if you’re not driving a four wheel drive vehicle.


3052 Brooklyn Rd, Cosmopolis, WA 98537


When approaching from Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle and Salish Sea region, follow directions:

When approaching from Vancouver WA, Portland and the Willamette Valley region follow directions:


Read more about the North River Reserve Here.

For our full camping policies and guidelines, click here.

What to Bring

Bring everything you would to a campsite at a State Park or other campground. The nearest grocery store is around 30 miles away.

  • Tent

  • Sleeping Bag / Pillow

  • Camp Stove

  • Towels

  • Food / Provisions

  • Camp Chair

  • Games

  • Arts & Crafts supplies

  • Instruments

  • Two vehicles allowed per booking

What not to bring

  • Fireworks

  • Amplified music

  • RVs & Motorhomes

  • A bad attitude

  • Non-leashed or agressive pets