Camping Checklist 

Bring it!

1. Tent 

2. Sleeping Bag 

3. Sleeping Pad 

4. Camp Stove 

5. Camp Chairs When the ground is moist, you’ll appreciate a dry bum 

6. Lantern Our campground enjoys some of the lowest levels of light pollution in Cascadia, so it will get dark. Bring enough light for yourself and your camp.

7. Cooler Bring your own, or we’ll have some for sale.  

8. Backpack If you’re camping out in one of the fields, bring a backpacking style pack, while car campers will love having a day pack for hikes around the property.

9. Fuel Small propane canisters can be put in your city trash when they’re spent. Please do remember if you packed it in, to pack it out.

10. Kettle 

11. Fire-Roasting Sticks 

12. Trekking Poles 

13. First Aid Kit 

14. Water Purifier 

15. Tarp 

Leave it…

  • Fireworks