Join us, and celebrate Cascadia Day!

“We celebrate Cascadia Culture Week to remind ourselves of distinct regional values, unique traditions, inherent beliefs, and our devotion to creating a sustainable and equitable community in which leadership is in the hands of the people and a strong community is our greatest asset.”

From the mountains to the sea, our home features some of the most diverse, beautiful and dynamic landscapes in the entire world. Our people are as diverse as the beauty that surrounds us. We are abundantly blessed and therefore celebrate a holiday to highlight our uniqueness and diversity and as a reminder of our responsibility to act as faithful stewards of the wondrous bounty with which we are endowed.

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  2. Fly your Cascadia Flag

  3. Gather a group of friends and host an event or Cascadia related activity

  4. Take a Nature Walk or do something you feel is distinctly Cascadian

  5. Support a business you feel is local, ethical or sustainable.

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May 18th – Cascadia Day

May 18th is ‘Cascadia Day’ – a holiday for all parts of Cascadia which choose to celebrate it. From the Cascadia Subduction Zone to the anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens eruption these events symbolize the fierce potential our region has in carving its own future and the beautiful cycle of rebirth that arrives after powerful, immutable change.

Cascadia Day was chosen as a day to celebrate by David McCloskey, one of the early founders of Cascadian bioregionalism. The first Cascadia Day was celebrated in 2012 and grew out of an Cascadia Unconference in Eugene Oregon. It was organized and celebrated by Elona Underwood with Cascadia Education Project, Mel and Devin and Casey with Cascadia Matters, and Brandon Letsinger with CascadiaNow!.

And above all, have fun and share share share!

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