Cascadia Diplomat Trainings:

Starting March, 2019. $35 (cost of reading & mapping materials)

For those of you near Seattle, come join us for our Cascadia Diplomat Training. Everyone and all ages is welcome.

Our Cascadia Diplomat training is a six week course to provide a solid understanding of bioregionalism on a global and local level; Cascadia as a place, idea and movement; and help each person envisions the way they would best like to become active around the idea. Work created gets applied directly online as blog posts, wikipedia articles, and into our living anthology & text books.

Every Cascadian Diplomat develops one specific Cascadia capstone project that they will undertake after they are finished with the six week course. Quarterly salons are held near the seasonal solstice/equinox to showcase the capstone projects and to award diplomatic authority to our successful applicants. Scheduled time is available to collaborate with your study cohort and instructors before capstone projects are due.

Our training is for educators, diplomats, agitators, ambassadors, cultural provocateurs, and individuals who want to learn more about Cascadia and Bioregionalism, strengthen our movement, and hook in with a network of others passionate to make an effective impact at home and abroad.

What to Expect

Currently we are only offering an in person training. We would like to roll out an online version in time for Cascadia Day, but we will see. Our Cascadia Diplomat training meets once each week for six weeks at Horizon Books in Seattle, WA. Classes are a mix of lecture, presentation and discussion, case studies, with at home reading and projects. Curriculum and materials are created together, and all work gets added into real life online application, or into our living textbooks, with the end goal to develop and execute a final capstone project that build on, and plug into the Cascadia movement.

Upon graduation, diplomats prepare presentations given at a quarterly Cascadia salon & potluck, and are invited to join the Cascadia Diplomatic Corps.

  • Week 1: Introductions, Primer, Fundamentals of Bioregionalism – as a global concept. Identify global and local examples. Bioregional Mapping for Community Empowerment. Welcome to the Cascadia Bioregion. Know your watershed Quiz/Zine.

  • Week 2: Building a Bioregional Movement. Principles and Ethics. What are local global specifics you feel are Cascadian? Decolonizing & Envisioning Methodologies. What is one thing missing from the Cascadia Movement?

  • Week 3: The Cascadia Movement – Where do you envision yourself in 5 years? What is inspirational? Identify a project to Undertake.

  • Week 4: Crafting Your Project: Impact Assessment. Stakeholders and Coaition Building. The Who, What, Where, When Basics. Telling your Story. Deciding social media platforms and strategies.

  • Week 5: Art of Resistance: Case Studies and Strategies. Wikimedia / Blog Post.

  • Week 6: Project & Program best practices. Telling the stories of place. Write a blog brief.

Presentations & Salon

Location: Horizon Books @ Capitol Hill / Seattle

horizon books.PNGhorizon books.PNG

Horizon Books is Seattle’s longest running (and likely quirkiest) remaining independent used bookstore. Since it’s founding in 1971, the store has remained a staple of Capitol Hill, and since 2017 has become the home of the Cascadia Underground media collective. The store is kept alive by an active community of bibliophiles, dedicated to sifting through the thousands of boxes hidden away, and to opening it as a much needed community space for art walks, presentations, workshops, groups, and the odd podcaster or two.


Register or inquire

Starts mid-March 2019. Sign up for online information, or more information. Feel free and send us any questions.

Six week course. Upon registration, you will be sent a link for registration. Partial and Full Scholarships available.


Price: $35

Upon registration, you will be sent a link for registration. Partial and Full Scholarships available.