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Join us as a citizen of your watershed and planet.

Lovers of Cascadia and the Pacific Northwest – travelers, inhabitants, hikers, citizens, adventurers, explorers, historians, and everyone in between – will love the Cascadia Passport.

Passports are perfect gifts for all occasions.

With the Cascadia Passport, it is our hope to begin to shift thinking away from simply US, Canadian or other nationalities, and inspire people to begin to think locally, bioregionally and globally, as both a citizen of their watershed – and the world.

Passport Details

  • 5.5” x 3.5”

  • Full color photographs and interpretive highlights organized by region

  • Additional space in the back for overflow cancellations

  • Printed locally and ethically by Girlie Press in the Central District in Seattle

  • Faux Leather & Gilt Cover, 56 pages

  • Cascadia Passport ISBN: 978-0-578-45631-7

Buy Local Organization Directory:

Cascadia supports local! The Cascadia Passport is a tool to support awesome local, sustainable and ethical businesses through cool partnerships, promotions, discounts, deals and more. As part of this, we are building a grassroots buy local network of of businesses, events and organizations that are actively working to make our region a better place.

You can submit a business or organization here.

We also create this passport with full acknowledgement that we live on ceded, and unceded lands of dozens of First Nations and Peoples, and do so with respect, and list the lands and groups in each, using indigenous languages and Chinook for place names wherever possible.