A Bioregional Hxstory

Primary Source Archive

Bioregionalism is a generational movement that has spanned decades, tracing it roots from different philosophies, thinkers and indigenous ways of living from around the world. As a term, it coalesced as an idea and term from the 1960’s, 70’s and onward. Much of of bioregional history by it’s nature was propagated through counterculture, in person gatherings and small press publications that predated the internet. As it’s primary creators begin to age, this archive seeks to preserve this knowledge and capture primary source material to ensure that our hxstory survives intact.

This page is where we will publish recollections, memoirs, histories of bioregional movements in North America and the world.

Images are used for preservation purposes with permission from the original authors. Please DO NOT share or use without permission as many are still in publication and at the request of many authors, publicators and creators.