Independence & Autonomy

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Achieve greater independence for Oregon, Washington and British Columbia from our respective federal governments in a peaceful and democratic manner, through the consent of the people.

Establish an accountable and democratic partnership between communities within Cascadia to foster greater direct democracy among the peoples of Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Northern California, Oregon and Washington.

Give counties and communities a greater say in their own affairs as well as those of state and federal. A government that is BY, OF, and FOR the people and not by specific interests or few. A responsible government that’s objectives are to equally represent the people and their interests and security.

Work within the communities of the Pacific Northwest to create a just and sustainable society in all issues and facets of life in our respective states.

Cascadian Independence

Community Resiliency

Community & Regional Autonomy

Building Watershed Borders: Create Borders based on Social, Cultural and Physical Realities.

Move Away from Boundaries and Borders that are Negative & Toxic