Interdependence, Resiliency & Bioregional Sustainability 

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Energy Independence

A data driven approach to achieving a sustainable, energy independent Cascadian bioregion, that increases the well being and live-ability of citizens and inhabitants.

Energy Independence Support Renewable Resources

Works towards Cascadia as a Nuclear-free zone. This means the closure of the Hanford Reservation and the Bangor U.S. Navy Submarine Base. No further nuclear plants or facilities will be planned or built.

Invest in the technologies that will harness alternative energy resources such as solar, wind, hydrogen, and other sustainable possibilities. Coal and petroleum will not be long-term answers to the energy problems we face today.

Establish high efficiency standards for lighting and home appliances.

Increase bio-diversity and eco-system health

Tax incentives for companies, small businesses and citizens who invest in creating, developing or making their facilities energy efficient and using energy efficient technologies, and using local and bioregionally made products.

Join administration of energy generation. Continue to provide power to other parts of the Western United States and Canada at reasonable cost and on a limited basis as available, based on entirely renewable resources. We must provide our own needs as a first priority.

End subsides and funding to companies that refuse to use non-renewable resources for energy.

Demand the Society We Want to See: Green Buildings & Carbon Neutral Cities

Support walkability, bike infrastructure, liveable communities and public transit within Urban Areas 

Support Cascadian Farmers & Hertiage Seeds / Biodiversity

Encourage those in the rural areas, farmers and ranchers through tax incentives and other means to use more organic, soil regenerative and free-range practices

Encourage native plant and crop cultivation, as well as invasive specie removal

Food Resiliency

The Real Food Act: Require Government, School & Public Buildings to work with local farms & businesses for meals & snacks rather than national corporations.

Support Community Gardens and Food Forests

Disaster Preparedness & Resiliency: Forest Fires, Earthquakes, Flooding

The Creation of a Cascadia Corp

Carbon Neutral, Future Positive

Support Decentralized & Community Offgrid Systems and Microgeneration

Public Utilities

Plastic Free Alternatives

Funding and strong enforcement of anti-pollution laws and cleanup of all toxic sites.

Encourage adoption of sustainable environmental practices through tax credits and grants.

Designate a percentage of state lands, forests and waters as non-commercial use or development areas. 


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