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Make your mark on the movement – Become a diplomat

Cascadia and You

diplomats for doug

Every movement reaches that critical moment when it needs a few good folx. Luckily what we’re asking doesn’t ever require fox holes. We are currently recruiting a small number of future diplomats to represent the principles of Cascadia at home and abroad. If you’ve ever wanted to shape the future of our beautiful bioregion, now it your time.

Diplomacy Defined

Our Diplomat Directive states:

Act always in the interest of Cascadia, and to ever uphold the core principles of affirming life, decolonization, sustainability, inclusivity and equity for all.

Diplomats will have opportunities to engage in some of the following ways:

  • Conducting research & publishing reports

  • Teaching classes and workshops on Cascadian interests and life

  • Managing a media outlet

  • Fulfilling public speaking engagements

  • Organizing meetings and events

  • Dress in a Sasquatch costume and vigorously gesture at a camera with salmon and Douglas Fir fronds.


Mission Statement

It is our mission:

To promote the interests of Cascadia for a peaceful, prosperous, democratic world that benefits the Cascadia bioregion, its inhabitants and our planet.

The Dept.of Bioregional Affairs is dedicated to placing the idea of Cascadia into mainstream thought as a viable solution to contemporary problems. We seek to advance Cascadian autonomy as bioregionalism provides a better way of addressing the distinct realities of our people in this place. Through nature’s organic organizing structure of watersheds, localized governance can operate within a sustainable structure, ensuring a common path forward in partnership, shared security and equitable prosperity prepares us for the challenges of tomorrow.

Diplomatic Training

a quarterly program

Our Diplomatic Training program exists to onboard volunteer diplomats for the Cascadian Department of Bioregional Affairs through an academically rigorous and creatively stimulating process. Class and field work will present the broad scope of Cascadian history, strategy and current events. You will work dynamically within groups and share learning both collectively and in individual presentations during class and in written format. At the conclusion of the six weeks of study, you will embark on a self driven capstone project during which time collaboration and assistance will be available from your instructors and others within your cohort. All capstone projects will be showcased at a seasonal solstice/equinox celebration where they will be added to a living anthology of the Cascadian movement, and successful applicants will receive their diplomatic authority.

Diplomatic Authority

Cascadian Department of bioregional affairs diplomats can:

  • Act in the name of the Department of Bioregional Affairs both at home and abroad.

  • Enjoy use of a Diplomatic Passport

  • Open a local chapter office at home, or an embassy if stationed abroad.

  • Endorse Cascadian Passports with their individualized stamp.

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become a citizen of Cascadia


Becoming a citizen of Cascadia and getting your Passport does more than get you a nifty book to treasure and show off. Citizenship opens wide the doors to fully enjoying the bioregion and all our movement has to offer.

Passport holders receive:

  • A genuine, custom to you, first edition Cascadia Passport book with 64 pages celebrating our beautiful bioregion.

  • Complimentary camping in our private 98 acre Cascadian valley paradise, located at the headlands of the North River in the beautiful Willapa Hills of Southwest Washington. Note: Advance booking required as availability and length of stay are limited.

  • Access to our Cascadian Business directory with special discounts and promotions.

Cascadia 101 Class

A primer on people and place


At the Department of Bioregion, we’re committed to building our watershed movement from the grassroots up. Our monthly Cascadia 101 class focuses on getting newly interested Cascadians up to speed on the history and parlance of the movement including its current events. Reflecting a desire to encourage every citizen to take action socially, culturally and politically, the focus of the class is to inspire each student to pursue education as a pathway to action.

Cascadia 101 class Topics:

  • Bioregionalism the Organic Organizer

  • History of the Cascadia Movement

  • Towards reunification. Why Cascadia? Why now?

  • Alternative ways of being and organizing