Jay T. Conrad

Department of communications


Completed Training: 3.2019

Resident in: Seattle, WA

Cascadian Since: 2016

Pronouns: They/Them

Diplomat Bio:

Jay is a genderqueer artist who was born on Sammamish (Xacuabš) land. Jay is passionate about data privacy, ethical art, healthy living, and dabbles in all things DIY. They are a photographer/videographer and marketer by trade, and also enjoy working out, digital sketching and trying new vegan treats!

To Jay, bioregionalism is the most direct path for positive change. They believe it is the ideal framework for creating systems that better protect and respect planet Earth, better represent marginalized peoples, and provides the best opportunity for revisiting (and fixing!) how our governing structures operate.

Why my work with Cascadia is important:

Previous to learning about Cascadia, my activism was adhoc and frustratingly temporary; I never felt sure that long-lasting impact had been achieved. One thing that drew me to the Cascadian movement is that it is sustainability-minded: not just in how we live in partnership with others and the land we live on, but in how we can create a lasting framework through which long-term positive change can be achieved.

I’m excited to be using my skills to promote, embolden, and amplify an autonomous Cascadia! Together, we Cascadians are creating a new, living framework that can be used to shape stronger local communities while reducing harm to others and the bioregion. Cascadian principles, especially around mindful environmentalism and raising up lesser-heard voices within our immediate community, is vital to a healthier, happier world.

Cascadians can and will create an alternative structure to the broken government of the United States that better serves and addresses the needs all people of this bioregion. Tolo tillikum (Go team)!

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