Law & Justice

Based on a harm reduction, cost effective and data driven approach, most victimless crimes are to be abolished to allow law enforcement agencies additional flexibility, funding and manpower in cases of serious crimes such as murder, theft, assault, rape, spousal/partner/child abuse etc.

The recognition that illicit drugs, tobacco and alcohol pose a serious risk to those who use them and as such, policy control would be shifted to the department of health.

Humane criminal sanctions with an emphasis on prevention, restitution, and rehabilitation must be practiced as opposed to punitive incarceration. Restoration of college degree grant programs as well as job training in federal and state prison systems. End privately run prisons and for profit programs that benefit from their labor.

Strengthen laws and penalties against corporate crimes. This includes the conviction and incarceration of corporate executives as well as revocation of corporate charters.

Decriminalization, regulation and taxation of currently illegal drugs as well as a firm dialogue on the subject, based on research, policy and evidence. Emphasis would be placed on harm reduction, education and early prevention, with responsibility shifted from prosecution to user safety and rehabilitation. The CIP advocates for a drug policy akin to Portugal.

Expansion of funding for legal aid and public defender programs so all may have competent and fair legal representation.