What is the Department of Bioregion?

The Department of Bioregion is a grassroots organization that educates about Cascadia & bioregionalism, is building an effective bioreigonal movement, and promotes the interests of Cascadia at home and abroad.

What is the Class Towards Cascadia?

Towards Cascadia is an educational program for Cascadian activists and organizers. Our courses are taught by activists, for activists. The Department of Bioregion focuses on classes that educate about issues not available in an academic environment, that offer a solution in the world that we need right now, and provide hands on methods that every person can use to get active right now.

What is the GOAL of Towards Cascadia?

The mission of Towards Cascadia is from Education to Action. We want to ground organizers in bioregional theory and the history of the Cascadia movement, discuss tactics and strategies, and have individuals and groups design their own projects for how we can be doing better in the world. The most profound outcome of the Towards Cascadia is the birth of new social movements, fresh ways of thinking about activism and innovative forms of movement building.

How are courses taught?

The Department of Bioregion’s model is an in person, and soon to be online meeting that happens on a weekly basis, that use discussion, presentation, case studies and hands on participatory approaches, as well as at home reading and projects. Students also learn the basics of non-profit program and project management, fundraising and communication. Every class ends with a Quarterly Salon, and a Capstone project that students develop and have the option to undertake as a new member of the Department of Bioregion.

The online courses are ungraded. Our model is designed for creating action, rather than a merely academic setting.

What kind of students are a good fit for Activist Graduate School?

The Cascadia Department of Bioregion are looking for self motivated learners who want to be involved with the Cascadia movement, and make an impact in the world, right now.

What is your pedagogical approach? Do you teach specific skills?

The Department of Bioregion is modeled on a resistance to traditional academic settings that seperate learning from action, indvididuals from community. Instead, we practice a holistic integration of methodology, of both theory and practice and skills that may help organizers become more effective. We foster a freethinking atmosphere where activists engaged in many different struggles are encouraged to learn from, and teach, each other.

For example, in our inaugural course on “Towards Cascadia: From Education to Action” students begin from the global, and envisioning the world as they would want to see it, and then each week narrow into their watersheds, ultimately designing a capstone project that they can undertake after the course ends – finally learning very tactical skills to help them put these ideas into practice. Students are encouraged to be themselves. Ultimately, students plug in with a network of Cascadians all working with similar goals and around the same shared principles.

During the course, students will incorporate resources and materials for ideas, groups and tactics they think are missing from the Cascadia movement, which all become incorporated into our living resource guides and textbooks.

Is this a degree-granting program?

No. Towards Cascadia is an unaccredited program. We do not currently award degrees. (This may change in the future.) If you are a student who would like to receive credit, or is looking for service learning hours, reach out to us. We have worked with many students doing independent study or working with academic advisers in the past. Any fees from university credits must be worked out with your institution and the Department of Bioregion has no control over those costs.

What is the enrollment process?

Enrollment is straightforward. No applications or letters of reference are necessary. Simply sign up and you’ll receive the course readings along with instructions on how to access the course videos.

If you are a scholarship or partial scholarship then you’re required to fill out a more detailed application.

What fees and other costs are required?

The tuition for each course is $115. There are no other costs. You will have permanent access to the course readings and resources.

Are these courses for students only?

Anyone, at any age and educational level may take our courses. Our courses can be for experienced organizers, or those just beginning. All that is required is a willingness to learn, to collaborate with other amazing Cascadians, and a desire to create pathways for a better world.

How are you funded?

The Cascadia Department of Bioregion is a grassroots organization. All funding comes from donation, tuition, speaking and presenting, workshops, membership and sales.

I have another question.

Great! Fill out this contact form or email cascadia@deptofbioregion.org