This year like every year, Cascadians around the bioregion are looking forward to a wonderful fun-filled, hopefully sun-filled summer. It’s no different here at the Department of Bioregion.

In our planning for this upcoming year, we’ve identified the need for a dedicated group of volunteers who are prepared to represent Cascadia and galvanize public support during the busiest months of our event calendar.

We are looking for creative, passionate individuals to help us create a fun and artistic Cascadia presence at the Solstice Parade, Pride Parade, leading up to the CascadiaNW festival.

While these are primarily Seattle events, if you would like to create a Cascadia Art Brigade in your city, reach out!

Requested Dates of availability

  • June 8th – Meet & Greet – Costume brainstorming

  • June 15th – Solstice Parade Prep & Float Building (also in week runup as available)

  • June 22nd – Fremont Solstice Parade

  • June 30th – Pride Parade

  • July 23-28 – CascadiaNW Festival

Here’s the schedule.


June 8th: Intro & Costumes. Noon-6pm

During our first meeting, we will get to know one another and get to planning our art projects! We will also be assembling uniforms for our summer activities. They will consist of ready made separates (shorts & sarongs/utility shirts & tank tops,) that we will embellish with blue, white and green stripes and patches to make them look uniquely Cascadian. Think somewhere between Troop Beverly Hills and a Forest Ranger.

Cascadia Flag Bicycle Image.jpgCascadia Flag Bicycle Image.jpg

June 15th: Float Building. Noon-6pm

Bring your craft skills to our second meeting where we will decorate a float to march with in the Solstice Parade. The float will feature the winner of our Queen Cascadia drag pageant who will feature on the float. The theme will be The Emperor has No Clothes!


June 22nd: Solstice Parade 10am-2pm

The day of the parade will consist of ensuring that the float looks good and is ready for royalty. Queen Cascadia will ascend their thrown, and our cohort will pantomime sewing and dressing them as we proceed down the parade route.


June 30th: PRIDE Parade 10am-2pm

That Parade segways nicely into the Seattle PRIDE parade a week later where we will feature a flag waving Cascadian Color Guard followed by the Cascadia Bus full of revelers. It will be a great time to dance, distribute stickers and swag & enjoy the parade listening to music celebrating all Cascadian artists. Help us build the playlist.

July 23rd-July28th: Cascadia NW Festival

The prize for all of our hard work will be the Cascadia NW Festival, a yearly extravaganza of festival DJs, artists and performers who congregate in Mount Baker National Forest for a long weekend of festivities. Our cohort will arrive on Wednesday in the Cascadia bus to setup a Cascadia Hub where flags, info and bioregional art will be available. Our vision is to create an art project that we will build together with other guests at the festival to represent the creativity, community and interdependence that makes Cascadia strong. You will only be asked to volunteer 2-3 hours a day. The rest of the time is yours to enjoy how you wish. Transportation and your ticket to the festival is on us. Requested availability: Wednesday July 23rd 9am until Sunday July 27th at 7pm


If you feel like you have the time to donate, some creative energy, and enjoy being around festivals and parades, we would love to hear from you. Please apply with the form below. Priority will be given to those who are available for all activity dates.