Calls for Justice from Catalonia – Lessons for Cascadia.

Crackling news from Catalonia emerged this week as the supreme court of Spain decided on the fate of those democratically elected leaders. Read on for how Catalonians are raising awareness for the freedom of their Political Prisoners. ...

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The Practice of Bioregionalism: An Interview with Richard Evenoff

The Department of Bioregion is proud to share an interview between Evan O’Neil and Richard Evanoff, a professor of envrionmental ethics at Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan, who recently wrote the book Bioregionalism and Global Ethics as part of our archive of bioregionalism articles and resources. The interview originally appeared…...

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Cascadia’s Human Terrain: Shifting our perspective through Bioregional Mapping

A new interactive map of conveys the population change and density of the Cascadia bioregion over the past 20 years in 3d, as a new layer of human terrain....

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