Your Chinook Wawa Word of the Day: Saghalie

SAGHALIE [SAGH-a-lie] or occasionally [SAH’-ha-lie] — adjective. Meaning: Up, above, high, heaven, sky, celestial, top, uppermost, over, upwards, holy. Origin: Chinook, sakhali; Clatsop, ukhshakhali. Up; above; high. Sometime rendered as ‘sagalie’, ‘sagalee’, ‘saqalie’, and even ‘sahhalie’ or ‘sahali’, this word was usually pronounced as if it were spelled ‘sockalie’ by…...

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Klahowya Tilikum – How to open meetings and events in Cascadia

Klahowya Tilikum - Four simple steps to open meetings and events in #Cascadia with honor and recognition to indigenous culture, history and language...

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