Cascadia Diplomat Orientation

Weekend Training

The Department of Bioregion works for an independent & vibrant Cascadia bioregion, a democratic governing body by, for and of those with vested interest here, and a global network of bioregional movements for a sustainable and just world and future. Our Cascadian Diplomats are at the forefront of this effort, and represent the idea and movement domestically and abroad.

Diplomats are long term volunteers, and as part of their responsibilities:

  • Have a solid understanding and be able to represent Cascadia, bioregionalism, the dept of Bioregion and our theory of Change.

  • Create a Bioregional Alias & Persona

  • Design & Undertake a Project of their Choosing, or join an existing one

  • Design & Create a Department or Committee of their Choosing, or join an existing one

  • Provide Regular Blog Posts & Reports related to their work

  • Present & discuss at our quarterly Cascadia salon

This first weekend goes over many of these aspects, and provides an introduction for those who want to be more involved. Sound like something you want to be a part of? Join us.

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