Policy Issues: Your Ideas

Cascadia is your movement. Here you can suggest issues and principles that the Cascadia movement should embrace as our top issues, priorities and concerns. These issues guide specific campaigns or initiatives within a specific place.

Issues specify what we should prioritize and care about, campaigns are the work we do.  These can be large or small, but must meet the following criteria: They must better the livelihood of those living in the bioregion, or the bioregion itself; help guide our decisions and actions; be positive and affirming – that we can work towards. If you would like to submit or comment on a campaign, please read our submission, endorsement and etiquette policy.

Keep it Bioregional or Local: If you would like to submit an idea, please make submissions within the framework of Cascadia. This means translate the policies and principles and make them relevant for the Cascadian bioregion, the watersheds within or for specific localities, rather than existing national, province or state lines.