Become a Cascadian Diplomat

The Department of Bioregion IS BUILDING A POWERFUL MOVEMENT throughout THE bioregion 

We invite you to join us and take your volunteerism to a new level as a champion for our region, everyone living here and our future!

The Dept of Bioregion is committed to advancing the interests of Cascadia, improving the well being and livelihood of those living here, and fostering an inclusive Cascadian community, where people of all identities are represented and feel welcome, and are empowered to make the differences they want to see, and that we all need.

As a Cascadian Diplomat, you’ll be a voice for Cascadians around the world by doing outreach, advocacy and undertaking a project in your local community. 

Image by Kate Jade from InstagramImage by Kate Jade from Instagram

Image by Kate Jade from Instagram

WHEREVER YOU LIVE IN Cascadia, YOU CAN BE A FORCE FOr the idea and movement

Work on campaigns like our Bioregional Passport or Indigenous Action Guide be a part of local planning efforts such as the Yes Cascadia or the The Cascadia Football Association

Depending on the needs in your region, you might represent the Department of Bioregion at a community event and chat with the public about how to get involved, attend a meeting, give a presentation to a local group, or help us stay on top of issues that we should care about in your backyard.

Upcoming Trainings:

Don’t see an upcoming training in your city?

Fill out the form to receive notifications for when we’re doing an event in your area or Request a Presentation

No prior experience is necessary and there is no predetermined time commitment. We’ll provide the training and tools. 

Approved applicants will have access to:

  • A webinar training series to gain valuable skills in outreach and advocacy

  • A resources hub 

  • A group sharing platform with other Cascadian Diplomats

  • A chance to mentor new volunteers

  • One-on-one support from Cascadian staff

Are you ready to step up, connect and inspire? We hope you’ll join us as a volunteer Cascadian Diplomat and help unlock the power of the Cascadian Movement


Please fill out the application below, limiting your answers to 250 words or fewer. We will follow up with you one week after receipt of your application. If you have any questions, please contact Thank you!


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