Cascadia the Free – Song & Chords by Little Bear and the Fostervillagers

Cascadia the Free is a fun & folksy song for the Cascadia movement created by Little Bear and all the Fostervillagers in 2011. Perfect for any Karoake or sing around the fire event – please re-use-share-enjoy! Create your own version and linkback in the youtube comments.

Cascadia The Free

By Little Bear and the Fostervillagers


Fly the blue, white and green,

If you know what I mean


Fly it high, fly it free,


From the mountains to the sea

               Am              G                          

We once belonged to a place

              C         F  

called the United Snakes

        C                  G C

Til we realized were free Cascadians

We don’t need any wars,

That is not what Iife’s for

No more blood spilt for oil,

Only hands working soil

Let’s instead grow with love

and clean rain from above

And may the salmon fill these rivers evermore

Fly that blue, white and green,

You all know what I mean

Our hearts love equally 

There’s no room for fear and greed

Take my hand, sing with me,

“Oh, Cascadia the free” 

And together we will end this tyranny (x2)


Pay attention to the ground,

There is life all around 

Forests lush and waters clean,

Mountain snow that fills the streams 

Listen close and you’ll know

that the salmon told us so 

We must stand and protect Cascadia

When our children are old

They’ll know land can’t be sold

And the borders will come down

Earth united as one 

They’ll think of us and they’ll say



To a free and healthy Cascadia



Fly that blue, white and green,

You all feel what I mean 

Fly it high, fly it free,

From the mountains to the sea

May the rain fall on us,

wash away our distrust

Let’s join hands and overthrow this tyranny

       Am                  G

No Tyranny! No Tyranny!

                   C                F

We’ll practice Deep Ecology!


Soon one day

             G              C

Cas-ca-di-a shall be free!

Youtube Karaoke:

For more info on the bioregional movement in Cascadia, check out

A popular version of Cascadia the Free has been made available via youtube! A folksy song by Little Bear and the Fostervillagers out of Portland, OR. Download the soundcloud MP3 here:

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