Eco Poetics

7th Cascadia Poetry Festival will be May 1-3 2020 on San Juan Island

For the 7th iteration of the Cascadia Poetry Festival, SPLAB moves its bioregional cultural investigation to The Multiverse on San Juan Island. A gallery and island cultural center run by Jennifer, Ian and Gavia Boyden will provide a more intimate setting for festival attendees to go deeper into the intersection…...

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Vol 9, No 1 of The Cascadia Subduction Zone: A Literary Quarterly has been released!

A decade into the 21st century, the world of books, the world of the arts, the world of criticism have all been caught up in violent, unpredictable change. A large part of this change has been unleashed by a continual stream of technological innovations that impact our daily lives and…...

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Oceans of Cascadia by Treeoathe – Fresh Ancients of Cascadia & Beyond

As part of our archive of writings on Cascadia and eco-poetics, the Department of Bioregion is excited to share the following writing on bioregional mapping, salmon, and perceptions of place....

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