Launching our New Cascadia Co-Creators Network

For bioregionalists & cultural re-generators to actively create our movement

We are excited to have launched our newest initiative the Cascadia CoCreators Network to provide a space where we can share, strengthen, and work together to co-create the Cascadia movement. Our goal with this network is to create a vibrant hub for every person to easily and substantially contribute in ways they find most important. Every group and community is welcome, and can create their own self moderated groups and forums. In addition, by building this network, we pull it into a place where no one else owns our data and is ad free.

Most exciting, every members can create and follow topics for general discussions, questions, thoughts, or ideas, share events or create groups based on location or for communities. These groups have their own discussion threads, chat windows, moderators, and ways to host material.  

Join us:

Ultimately, the goal will be to co-create a print journal maintained by this community to help foster these ideas as reality and to develop mini “courses” that share information and resources about things people want to know. We invite each of your to join this process, make recommendations and share new ideas.

The Cascadia Co-Creators network and any content will always be freely given in the spirit of a gift economy. Please feel encouraged to support this work with by becoming a supporting member or making a one-time donation.

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