Standing Rock Solidarity Network Resource Packet

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While compiling notes for the creation of a Department of Bioregion Indigenous Solidarity Guide – we noticed that one of the primary tools – the Standing Rock Solidarity Resource Packet – is now offline, and that the mirror sites for most of it is now also offline. In an effort to preserve the lessons and wisdom learned from the Standing Rock Protests, we wanted to share our PDF’s for historical sake, but also in case they might be useful for future historians, students, activists and organizers. The Standing Rock Solidarity Network Resource Packet was a website and resource guide designed at the request of Indigenous leaders at Standing Rock to welcome and orient newcomers as they arrived. By the end of Standing Rock, it was one of the most linked documents and how to’s.

Standing Rock Solidarity Network Resource Packet

This site was created by a team• of solidarity trainers assembled at the request of Indigenous leaders at Standing Rock.  We welcome all groups organizing solidarity of any kind to send us links.  We hope this will be a central location for allies to:

  • get oriented

  • find indigenous sources of information and analysis 

  • learn about the history and significance of what’s happening at Standing Rock 

  • get help deciding whether it makes sense to go in person 

  • find out what the current needs are

  • find out which donation sites are legitimate

  • learn where to get reliable updates

  • connect with local organizing where you live

  • coordinate transportation

  • connect with specific delegations (usually organized by constituency such as Black Lives Matter or labor unions, or a specific kind of help being offered such as body workers or people with construction skills.) 

If you are planning to go to Standing Rock, please read the orientation materials, which will help you to be the most effective ally you can be.  

Aurora Levins Morales, Susan Raffo, Fen Jeffries, Berkley Carnine, L.J. Amsterdam, Lex Horan, Becka Tilsen 

Standing Rock Allies Resource Packet

The following four documents were prepared by members of the Solidariteam. The Oceti Sakowin Camp Protocols were written with camp elders.  

If You’re Thinking About Going to Standing Rock

Download File

Joining Camp Culture

Download File

Oceti Sakowin Camp Protocol: 7 Lakota Values

Download File

When You Return Home

Download File

In addition – here is the Standing Rock – How to Help master doc that was shared about to help compile resources. Check it out if it might be useful.

Additional Resources

How to Talk About #NODAPL: A Native Perspective by Kelly Hayes

#NODAPL Syllabus Project 

Original Website:

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