Cascadia Movement

The Cascading Cascades of Cascadia – where does the name Cascadia come from?

Cascadia — the evocative name of a region, an idea, a movement — wild and free, defined by the waters flowing from the continental crest through the headwaters of the Pacific. Cascadia is a bioregion, the place we call home, an identity, movement and positive vision for the future. But where did this name…...

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Your Cascadia launches Weekly Meetups!

Your Cascadia is a grassroots project to build a Cascadian Economic Direct Democracy – a web-based marketplace that is under the complete direct democratic control of local community members....

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The Cascadia Movement In Pictures: November 2018

The Cascadia movement is a DIY and grassroots movement that is as awesome and creative as its supporters make it. In this gallery, you will see a snapshot of the Cascadia movement in November 2018....

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