Your Cascadia launches Weekly Meetups!

Your Cascadia is a grassroots project to build a Cascadian Economic Direct Democracy – a web-based marketplace that is under the complete direct democratic control of local community members. The interface will be intuitive enough for the most computer illiterate among us, and include elements from games to motivate and reward members. It aims to empower every person to sustainably exchange goods and services, drastically increase personal and public wealth, fund new jobs and needed causes, have an equal voice in their locality; and make educated decisions with a transparent, secure, and ever-improving open source platform.

And they need your help! If you haven’t heard of them, Your Cascadia has been active collecting feedback on a range of issues and are running a founding fundraising campaign. If you support their work learn more here:

and donate here:

Weekly Volunteer Parties!

Many of you have expressed interest in helping, but are struggling to figure out how/when to do it. Your Cascadia are now officially hosting weekly volunteer sessions!

  • When: Weekly from 1pm to 5pm on Sunday Pacific Time – Los Angeles

  • Where: Multnomah County Central Library, 801 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205 (map).

Join the video call between 3-4:30pm PST we’ll host an open discussion, which you can join remotely via the hangouts link.

Feel free to come and go as you please, even if it’s virtually. We’ll be doing work blocks for 4 hours until the meeting place of our choice closes. There will be scheduled time mid-session that’s open for anyone to stop by and discuss their specific thoughts or suggestions. Here’s a link to the agenda. You’ll notice it’s editable, so please feel free to change/add anything you want to discuss.  

The library only lets them book two hours a day, so they have room 2B from 2:30-4:30pm (January 13th, 20th, and 27th). It’s on the second floor, on the far left end of the Science/Business wing. In the time surrounding then, we’ll be at a table in the “Talking room” across the hall.

What is Your Cascadia? An Introduction

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