Tsalxhaan – At the Northern border of Cascadia

In our continuing series on Indigenous Place Names across Cascadia, we travel to the mountain at the northernmost border of the bioregion, Tsalxhaan. Straddling the space between Alaska & British Columbia, this 15,325 foot (4671 meter) peak represents the highest mountain in the Canadian Province. Visible on a clear day from Glacier Bay, the mountain creates a dramatic backdrop to the National Park of the same name. Standing only 13 miles from the water’s edge, this raise represents one of the most dramatic elevation increases from sea to peak anywhere in the world. The colonial name Mount Fairweather is a bit of a misnomer, as the summit is most often shrouded in clouds. However, on May 3, 1778, the day Captain Cook first sailed into Glacier Bay, the full mountain was visible, and the erroneous name he bestowed purservered.   This Tlingit name stretches back to time immemorial, and has a relevance beyond the peak itself, as the many peaks surrounding Tsalxhaan are known as Tsalxhaan Yatx’i, translating to Children of Tsalxhaan. 

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