Watershed Guide: A Companion to Living Here by the Frisco Bay Mussel Group (1977)

Watershed Guide: A Companion to Living Here was created by the Frisco Bay Mussel Group and one of the earliest publications of the group. The Frisco Bay Mussel Group was started in 1976 by Judy Goldhaft and Peter Berg and gathered members of environmental groups to discuss reinhabitation of the San Francisco Bay Area. They invited members of the different environmental organizations in the Bay Area to present efforts they were undertaking and to discuss. Together, the group successfully fought the California Water Project Plan to divert more Sacramento River water to the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California and published Watershed Guide and Living Here to broaden local ecological consciousness of the Bay Area. The Watershed Guide was the first bioregional map published by Judy & Peter.

…is connected to the ocean, is connected to the atmosphere, is connected to the clouds, are connected to the jetstream, is connected to the continent, is connected to the rain, is connected to the snow, is connected to the mountain, is connected to the watershed, is connected to the Tuolumne river, is connected to O’Shaughnessy Dam, is connected to Hetch-Hetchy Aqueduct, is connected to the water temple, is connected to San Andreas Lake, is connected to the filter plant, is connected to Twin Peaks Reservoir, is the top of the water viens, are connected to your toilet, is connected to the sewer, is connected to the treatment plant, is connected to San Francisco Bay, is connected to the Ocean….

Copyright Judy Goldhaft & Planet Drum Foundation | Dept of Bioregion

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