The Department of Bioregion is proud to partner with the University of Washington StatCom Program

The Cascadia Department of Bioregion is excited to announce our partnership with the student run StatCom program at the University of Washington to parse the results of our 2018 State of Cascadia Survey. StatCom is a student-run volunteer organization that provides statistical consulting services to community and governmental groups.

Other groups they have worked with have included Vashon Nature Center studying the effect of removing ocean bulkhead on the amount of debris that wash up on Vashon Island shores, the NW Network exploring domestic violence survivors and help-seekers for different LGBT groups, and Mavuno estimating baseline income using available data for households in the Dem. Republic of the Congo.


The StatCom Network provides pro bono statistical consulting to local nonprofit, government, and community service organizations and to engage students in voluntary, service-oriented statistical consulting and leadership.

We will be partnering with a team of four individuals who will be creating visualizations and parsing data from our 2018 State of Cascadia survey, and exploring longer term internships doing more complex statistical analysis of our social media metrics, and setting up broader studies exploring the Cascadia movement.

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