Said the Whale feature New Album ‘Cascadia’

The Department of Bioregion is excited to share that the award winning cascadian music trio Said the Whale  released a first glimpse of their new feature length album ‘Cascadia’.

“Cascadia is also the name of a proposed country comprised of British Columbia and the western United States,” said the band’s Tyler Bancroft in a statement. “That, at its core, is the physical manifestation of our music.

Said the Whale previously shared the new album track “UnAmerican.”

To go along with the album, the band will also create a Discover Cascadia micro-site to include an interactive hotline (1-855-C4S-CDIA), “a place for fans to sign up to become a Cascadia Ambassador,” explains the press release.

The album will officially arrive on February 8 via Arts & Crafts. For those not familiar with the group, their style is ‘pure West Coast’, infused with California pop, Cascadian indie rock, and naturalistic lyrics inspired by the water, forests and mountains of Vancouver. Having spent a more than a decade together, the JUNO Award-winning trio of Tyler Bancroft (vocals/guitar), Ben Worcester (vocals/guitar) and Jaycelyn Brown (keyboards) have perfected a big-hearted sound that’s warmly organic and filled with pop hooks.

Said the Whale Cascadia Flag.jpgSaid the Whale Cascadia Flag.jpg

The album features the following tracks:
1. Wake Up
2. UnAmerican
3. Love Don’t Ask
4. Cascadia
5. Shame
6. Old Soul, Young Heart
7. Record Shop
8. Moonlight
9. Broken Man
10. Love Always
11. Level Best
12. Gambier Island Green

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